Save Money
All The Power You Need Is On Your Roof (Not Your Pocketbook.)
Smart Power
At Apple Solar We ask you....Where does your energy currently come from?
Your Home, Your Rules!
Take back control! The Sun Has Enough Energy For Everyone! At Apple Solar you have full control of your OWN RATES. No spikes, no hidden fee's!
Rated #1 In Service
That's right, Apple Solar has been #1 for 5 years standing now! and don't plan on going anywhere. 

25-Year Warranty

Your entire solar power system is protected for the next 25 years.

$0 Out-Of-Pocket

Apple Solar customers pay significantly less to own a system than they pay the utility company to rent their power.
Apple Solar

Lock-in Rates

While others continually pay more and more for electricity; your rate stays the same and is guaranteed.
Apple Solar
Traditional Power
No matter what kind of energy source you use:
coal, natural gas or nuclear power, there are always three steps to powering your home:




Each of these means additional costs that get passed on to you.
Solar Power
Streamline this process
Nothing complicated, just an easy, consolidated process of power flowing directly from your roof to you.
Taking out these extra steps allows us to provide your power for less. It’s a simply smarter energy solution.
  • Solar Panels 
  •  Solar Power Invertor
  •  Wiring Net Meter 
  •  Performance Meter
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For 25 years W will maintain and repair the System (including the inverter) at no additional cost to you, as specified in the agreement.
We provide 24/7 web-enabled monitoring at no additional cost to you, as specified in the agreement.
We warranty your roof against leaks, as specified in the agreement.
We will make sure that your solar payment will never increase.
We will guarantee the performance for 25 years. If our system does not perform then we pay you a check, it’s that simple.
We will, if needed, come to your home and clean the solar panels every year, for 25 years.
P.A.C.E Payments are levied as a Mello-Roos item on California tax bills. Property owners are advised to consult with professional tax counsel regarding income and other tax deductions.Energy savings are estimates. Actual savings are dependent on many factors including how the equipment is operated and maintained , environmental conditions, etc.
All values presented are ESTIMATES only. Actual payment amounts, interest rates, and other values will be explained on your final financial documents.
Likewise, tax savings, energy savings, energy cost inflation, and other amounts are estaments only, and property owners are responsible for reviewing them.
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